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1 Cor.15:  Resurrection of the Dead

Resurrection from the Dead

By Ward Fenley
In 6- 10 minute segments, Ward Fenley examines the concept of the resurrection of the dead, focusing on 1 Corinthians 15, while referencing  the "rest" of scripture (scripture WITH scripture!), citing both Old and New Testament throughout the lesson.  More audio files and articles can be found on his New  Creation Ministries International website site at:

By Don Preston
Don Preston "muses" through the topic of the resurrection of the dead in his daily "Morning Musings" on You-tube.  As always, Don does a fantastic job of connecting the Old Testament concept of "death" to the New Testament teachings of both Jesus and the Apostles.  Don's You tube vidoes can be found at:


Resurrection....A Prophetic Theme Throughout the Bible

Daniel on Resurrection

Rod MacArthur teaches a 6-part podcast on the prophetic theme of resurrection which is woven throughout the teaching of the Prophets, confirmed in the very words of Jesus, and reiterted in the teachings of Paul.  This series begins with the Prophet's concept of resurrection and carries  it forward to Jesus' and Paul's teachings.  
To listen to this clarifying series,

Pastor David B. Curtis - Berean Bible Church

Here are some articles by William Bell of from his other website  .  Be careful....these articles about resurrection just might challenge your current presuppostions on the matter!   
To go to the "Resurrection" Tab,   CLICK HERE