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The Heavens and the Earth
by Brian Maxwell
This article by Brian can be found at  
To read article, CLICK HERE

"New Heavens and a New Earth"
 by William Bell.
This 1989 lecture from the Fulfilled Dynamic "Classic Series" is posted on

To listen to the lecture,

"The Passing of Heaven and Earth"
 a blog/post from Presence  website

To read blog article,

"Looking for A New Heavens and a New Earth"
2-part article by David H. Chilton

       Part 1
   (p.3-4 only)
     Part 2

New Heaven and New Earth
by Charles Meek
 More of Charles Meeks articles can be found at
To read article, CLICK HERE

"Heaven and Earth Passed Away"
 by David Curtis.

   To listen to the sermon, CLICK HERE
   To read transcript, CLICK HERE