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Thanks for checking out my website!  Okay, I admit it...I chose this picture because I thought looked really cool! 

I truly hope this site will prove to be a helpful resource  for you.  That's why I created it.  I realize there are  literally thousands of websites  one can go to for  information on Bible prophecy.  But let me be clear:  I certainly do NOT pretend to be any kind of authority.  But I do believe fulfilled eschatology is true, that indeed ALL THINGS written in the Scriptures have been fulfilled.  As such, I felt led to provide a resource in the form of a website where people can explore the possibilities. 
I realize if you are going to consider the information on this site, you may want to know a little something about me.  I don't think an exhaustive biography is necessary, so I'll just give you some basics:
My name is Ryan McKittrick.  I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, in the Seattle area.  My family began attending church in 1981 when I was 11 years old.  We began our spiritual journey in a very small country-like church, Hobart Community Church.  Within that first year, in my Sunday school class (just me, my cousin, and the pastor), I said something that spurred my pastor to ask me if I would like to ask Jesus to forgive me of my sins and become a Christian.  I did. 
While I recognize the theological dangers of inviting people to Christ and to be saved through a one-time "sinner's prayer", I can honestly say I sincerely decided to follow Jesus that day.  Later that year, I was baptized (along with all my family).  And the journey began.
Sadly, as so many teenagers do, I fell away from the Lord through my high school years.  As in the parable of the seeds, I was like one who received God's word gladly, but lived for God only for a while.  Like the one who has no root in themselves, the trials of life made me stumble.  The thorns of this life choked out my commitment to Jesus.  I wandered in this dry "spiritual wilderness" for many years, avoiding God and suppressing the truth which had been planted in my heart as a youth.       
But God is so incredibly patient, gracious, and good!  In late 2007, exhausted from running from God, and truly sickened of my sin, I cried out to God for forgiveness.  I simply stopped, turned around, and began following Jesus from that time forward.  Many like to get into the theological weeds of the "once saved-always saved" debate, asking me if I was "truly saved" the first time I gave my life to Jesus when I was 11. The answer: I don't know.  And it really doesn't matter to me.  All I know is that I believe my relationship with the Lord began in that Sunday school class in that small country church.  The time between age 11 and 36 was an arduous journey of my own making. But God did not give up on me.  I now know what it is to experience forgiveness, freedom, and NEW LIFE in Christ!  So I keep it simple, remembering to live out the old Sunday school song I sang as a kid:  "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back!" 
I do not claim to be a scholar or theologian.  I am more curious than intelligent.  After coming back to the Lord, I was convinced I was being "called" into the ministry.  To be honest, I'm not really sure what being "called" actually means anymore.  Sure, I know what is meant by it.  But I think Christians tend to overuse or overdo phrases like "being called into ministry" because it sounds somewhat "spiritual". 
In any case, thirsty for knowledge, and convinced of my "calling", I attained a Masters in Theological Studies from Faith Evangelical Seminary, in Tacoma WA.   My grand plan was to eventually teach, preach, and pastor full time.  After all, that was my "calling", right?
Growing up, I suppose our family was "dispensational by default", meaning we never really thought much about eschatological matters, except for what was mentioned in sermons, by others at church, or television preachers.  As far as we knew, someday Jesus would come back, rapture the Church, taking us to heaven.  While I was aware of the teaching and idea of a restored physical earth and new incorruptible bodies, that was as far as my understanding went. 
In seminary, as I began to truly study these things, I found the dispensational view untenable, leaning toward the ammillennial or post-millennial views.  The works of Ken Gentry Jr. were instrumental in this process. 
Like I said, I'm more curious than intelligent, which proved detrimental to my aspiring "ministry career".  I had a passion for understanding God's word, more so than those around me.  I realize that may sound pious, but spending hours on end reading, studying, writing, and exploring my Bible was a true joy for me.  I devoured commentaries and scoured the internet, saturating myself in biblical theology.  I could not get enough. 

As I became aware of the fulfilled perspective, I was skeptical.  In fact, I was hesitant to even consider it.  Yet, as I scratched the surface, one layer at a time, I found it to be the only "lens" that made sense of my countless questions and the scores of mysterious verses.  Suddenly, time statements jumped off the page in their context, as if I had never read them before.  Grasping the principle of audience relevance proved world changing as well.  I finally understood and accepted the Bible was not written TO me, but FOR me.  As I continued in my journey, I was dumbfounded that I had never truly considered the nature of Old Testament Hebraic, apocalyptic language, and how it serves as an interpretive guide and precedent for understanding New Testament language.  Rather than spend all my time only in New Testament, I discovered a fuller understanding of the biblical redemptive narrative from Genesis to Revelation and re-discovered the principle of interpreting ALL scripture with ALL scripture.
As the interpretive evidence for fulfillment snowballed, I read some of the full-preterist "classics" such as J. Stuart Russell's "The Parousia" and Max King's "The Spirit of Prophecy".  This sealed the deal.  I was sold. 
Convinced of fulfillment, I had a choice.  I could suppress my conscious, keeping my beliefs to myself in hopes of finding full time ministry work.  Or I could follow my heart and openly proclaim what I believed to be the full truth as revealed in Scripture.  I opted for the latter.  As a result, I was removed from any sort of teaching and/or leadership from my church.  I do not hold a grudge.  In fact, I understand.  The fulfilled view is considered by most to be outside "evangelical orthodoxy".  To many, this means the view is "heretical".  I use quotes because I'm not sure those who use such terms really know what is meant by them.  In any case, full preterism is not accepted as mainstream and is simply out of the comfort zone of most Christians and churches.
So here I stand.  While I believe it to be true, I do not consider fulfilled eschatology to be my "all in all".  I know that Jesus wants me to be more concerned with people's salvation and lives than their eschatological viewpoint.  I get that.  Jesus was like that.  The Christian life should be primarily about loving people, serving people, caring for people, and simply inviting people to come to Christ.  And so, while much time and energy goes into this little "ministry" website of mine, I try to maintain perspective and balance.  Thus, I consider this website a "hobby" of sorts.  I understand how it might appear.  Some claim we full preterists spend an inordinate amount of time pushing the fulfilled perspective.  So much that we lose sight of what's "really important".  I understand this accusation.  My only answer at this point is yes we do spend a great deal of time and energy defending it.  But only because we believe it to be the full and true message of the Bible.  For that I cannot apologize.
Thanks for visiting!

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